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Extended Industrial: Add Storage Adapters to Deployables​

ExtendedIndustrial is a plugin that adds a storage adapter to deployables when you have the proper permission. With this plugin, you can also force storage adapters on anything with an item container using a chat command, or place storage adapters on extra deployables while in placement mode. Additionally, it installs a Harmony patch to allow the storage adapters that it spawns in to function.
How to Use ExtendedIndustrial
To use this plugin, give players permission to “extendedindustrial.place” and then permission for the extra deployable you want to add storage adapters to. Alternatively, you can give them permission for all deployable with “extendedindustrial.all”. When a player has a storage adapter in their hands and looks at a deployable they have permission for, a blue icon will appear, allowing them to place it. The storage adapter they were holding will be consumed.

Chat Command
The “/addadapter” command will attempt to spawn a storage adapter on any item container that’s part of the prefab you’re looking at while the chat command is used. This is useful for adding storage adapters to things spawned by other plugins, such as AutoFarms seed and plant boxes.

The following permissions are named for what they will add:

extendedindustrial.attach: automatically spawns with an adapter already attached
extendedindustrial.place: enables placement mode for that user
extendedindustrial.spawn: lets you use the chat command to spawn adapters on what you’re looking at
extendedindustrial.all: adds storage adapters to everything this plugin supports for players with this permission
ExtendedIndustrial supports the following deployables:

planter box
flame turret
gun trap
snow machine
fog machine
SAM site
fuel generator
auto turret
drop box
hitch trough
mixing table
tuna light
hobo barrel
skull fire pit
hab storage
When storage adapters are auto-attached, damage to and picking up the storage adapters from these deployables is blocked. However, they can still take damage and be picked up if attached with placement mode.

This plugin won’t change the default behavior of these deployables. Deployables without IO inputs must be manually turned on, but by being creative, you can make them all work. For example, with the mixing table, set it up so that as soon as gunpowder has been crafted, it moves it out to safety. For the recycler, you’ll need to use a plugin that lets players place recyclers and be creative with filters so the output is faster than the input. The small stash is more of a meme than usable since the pipe can still be seen, but it’s supported nonetheless.

Check out the following videos for more information on how to use ExtendedIndustrial:

Upgrade your server’s deployables with ExtendedIndustrial today.
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