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Industrial Quarry​

Industrial Quarry are quarries that have had an adapter and conveyor attached to them.
The conveyor is attached to a quarry rock that is on the edge of the prevent building so that players can connect into it.

The conveyors are protected from damage and being picked up they are already powered up.


With this permission, industrial parts will spawn on quarries owned by that player.
They can also use the 2 player chat commands.

Settings: (In the oxide/config folder)

AddOutput (true/false) controls if an adapter and conveyor should be attached to the output hopper.
AddIOSwitch (true/false) controls if a IO switch is spawned on the quarry rock.
AddFuelInput (true/false) controls if a adapter and conveyor should be attached to the fuel tank.
AllowOnStaticQuarrys (true/false) If this is set to false industrial parts won’t spawn on monument and map placed quarries.
MaxStackSizePerMoveAdustment (int) adjusts the stack size move limit on the conveyors that are attached to the quarry.
BlockSwitchingOffConveyors (true/false) disables players switching the quarries conveyors off.
UnderGroundQuarryHeightOffset (float) and UnderGroundQuarryForwardOffset (float) are settings for maps that have quarries in underground places.

Chat Commands:
(Requires the allow permission)
/addiq – Will add industrial parts to the quarry the player is looking at if they own it or are an admin.
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