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FREE XDStatistics 2.5.8

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XDStatistics - The most advanced statistics!

It has great functionality and a nice design that will please the eyes of your players.

Some useful information about the plugin:


  • The plugin has very detailed statistics. In it, the player will be able to see everything that he will be interested in!
  • Players can hide their statistics from other players , for this you need to issue permissions and enable this feature in the config
  • Players can reset their statistics, for this you need to issue permissions and enable this feature in the config
  • The administrator can add (remove) a player to the ignore list, the player's statistics will not be deleted, it will only be hidden and will not be visible to other players.
  • There is an opportunity to award top 1 players in each category or in a certain one. The reward is given when the player enters the server after the vape.
  • It is possible to issue awards in Economics | Server Rewards | IQEconomic | You can also grant a privilege or something else with the command
  • There is also a points system in the plugin. The glasses are configured in the config in a very detailed and convenient way. The best player is the one with the most points.
  • The plugin also knows how to clean data when wiping (configured in the configuration)

  • Very nice and simple interface
  • Some parts of the interface can be configured in the config
  • At the moment there are 3 main pages (my statistics, top 10, search)
  • The player can view the pages of other players if they have not hidden them
Chat Alerts:

  • Also in the configuration, you can set up chat alerts with the top 5 players in different categories, which are selected using random
  • Messages can be configured in detail in the lang file
  • You can also configure the frequency of alerts in the configuration

  • [CHAT] /stat - (Open statistics (can be changed in the config))
  • [CONSOLE] stat - (Open statistics (can be changed in the config))
  • [CONSOLE] stat.ignore <add/remove> <Steam ID|Name> - (Adds the player to the ignore list. Also removes it from the statistics)

  • XDStatistics.admin - (To use the stat.ignore command)
  • XDStatistics.reset - (Allows the player to reset his stats. You need to enable this feature in the config)
  • XDStatistics.availability - (Allows the player to hide his stats from other players. Need to enable in the configuration)
What is planned in the future:

  • [Discord] - Add the ability to send a message at the end of the wipe with the best players behind the wipe
  • Add a tab with weapons so that players can view their detailed statistics on certain weapons

private JObject API_GetAllPlayerStat(ulong id)
private JObject API_GetPlayerPlayedTime(ulong id)
private Dictionary<string, int> API_GetGathered(ulong id)
private int? API_GetAllGathered(ulong id)
private int? API_GetGathered(ulong id, string shortname)

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